Support for KUMC-Owned Apple Devices


How to purchase, what you can expect from support now, and what we're doing for support in the future.

Information Resources is dedicated to assisting the campus community in their computing needs, and this has increasingly involved supporting the use of Mac® computers on campus. As you might guess, Windows PCs represent 97% of the computers in use on campus; however, if you call Jayhawk Tech Clinic (IT Help Desk) for a problem with your Mac computer, you won't be turned away. The person on the phone may not be able to answer your question right away, but will route your issue to the most knowledgeable staff and you will receive assistance.

As more Mac computers come to campus, our support staff will become more familiar with the most common issues and will be able to respond more quickly to your need. In 2013, support staff will be receiving additional training in Mac computer support. IR and Purchasing are partnering to identify ways to make purchasing a Mac computer easier and enhance support options. Stay tuned for more details later this year!

Purchasing Apple® hardware and software
Buy your Mac hardware from the KU Bookstore's online shop. Prices there reflect our educational discount.  The bookstore delivers to KUMC every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If the equipment is in stock, then it is sent within 2 days to the Jayhawk Tech Clinic (IT Help Desk) who will contact you to schedule and assist in getting the OS configured and necessary software installed. From equipment being received to scheduling the install can take up to 5 business days.  Some important points to remember when purchasing Mac computers:

  • Mac computers are not able to use the Outlook email client or any other third part email client. If your primary device is a Mac computer, you'll need to use the web-based OWA (Outlook Web App) access for your email and calendaring.
  • Parallels, the software that allows you to install MS Windows on your Mac computer, is not installed by default. This is an extra charge, as is the license for Windows itself (our campus agreement with Microsoft allows free upgrades of existing licenses,  new Windows licenses are not included with the purchase of an Apple computer therefore it must be purchased separately). Jayhawk Tech Clinic (IT Help Desk) can install both. If Parallels and Windows are needed, then the department is required to purchase the Parallels license with media, as well as the Windows Pro Upgrade License and 1 year's software assurance from SHI.
  • MS Office for Mac computers will be installed as part of the base install performed by Jayhawk Tech Clinic (IT Help Desk). Note, however, there is not an equivalent product for MS Access. If you need Access, you'll need to install Windows and Parallels or be able to remote into a Windows machine.
  • As with our standard PCs, Mac computers are required to also have a minimum 3yr or 4yr warranty.  For Apple laptops, accidental damage and Computrace anti-theft software are required as well.
  • Because Apple does not provide an option that allows KUMC to retain hard drives when they fail under warranty (ie: defective drives must be returned to  the vendor) for either desktops or laptops,  this will necessitate that all Mac computers have McAfee full disk encryption installed.
  • Standard security settings must be applied.  Some of these settings will be set locally and many will be automatically set via new policy management software that KUMC has purchased to assist with managing Apple systems.

Last modified: Jun 15, 2014
Purchase Apple Products

Prices on Apple® hardware at the KU Bookstore's online shop reflect our educational discount. The bookstore delivers to KUMC every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  

KU Bookstore

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