Funding Opportunities Overview

red arrowsMission Focus Funding

A model for other universities and institutions: IAMI's mission is to improve human health by accelerating the availability of new drug therapies and medical devices to patients. Multidiscipline projects and industry expert leaders create research and innovation developments within a culture geared toward patient care that is becoming a model for other universities and institutions.

Blue arrowsProject Funding

Improving patient care: There are opportunities to support a project focused on specific diseases and medical conditions with the mission to impact patient care.  Each project is unique, and therefore private funding opportunities differ for each project.  Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss with you the variety of projects and opportunities.

Yellow arrowsMilestone Research Funding

Expanding existing ideas: Funding for advancing research with milestone decision points helps change the paradigm of research by providing an opportunity for faculty with a passion for entrepreneurialism to expand existing ideas leading to improved patient care.

Purple arrowsFellowship Funding

Real-world training: Support for the IAMI fellowship program will provide opportunity for students to participate in real-world entrepreneurial settings.  They will learn project management skills, meet project and professional goals, and learn the importance of each aspect of bench to bedside to improve patient care.

Last modified: Mar 18, 2013