Our Mission

Doctor with young patient

"To improve human health by accelerating new drug therapies and medical devices to patients."

Advancing Patient Care

Our goal is to transform basic research into medical innovations while creating a fast track to patients. Here's how:

  • IAMI has led or assisted in managing the pathway of seven drugs to clinical trials in three years.
  • IAMI continues to build a diverse portfolio to move additional medical innovations quickly through the pipeline.
  • IAMI's specialty is to manage the link between investigators, physicians and patients to accelerate medical innovations from the laboratory to clinical trials. This is often referred to as translational medicine.
  • IAMI's distinctive approach seeks medical innovations that create positive disruptions to patient care. Through new drug therapies or collaborative teams, the ultimate outcome is to "disrupt" or recognize incremental value from a new treatment option.

Last modified: Jan 07, 2016
Our Goal
Our research will provide people with a better quality of life. This approach is found within technology discovery, developments and through partnerships and collaboration which may include the University of Kansas, IAMI, government entities, hospitals or philanthropic disease organizations.