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Our Mission

Doctor with young patient

"To improve human health by accelerating new drug therapies and medical devices to patients."

Advancing Patient Care

The Institute for Advanced Medical Innovation (IAMI) will engage investigators and stakeholders, educate the translations science workforce and use the tools of translational science to conduct cutting edge product development-focused translational research. Here's how:

  • Fully integrate product development focused translational science across multiple disciplines, multiple stakeholders and the lifespan to effectively implement and disseminate medical innovation technologies.
  • Engage and collaborate with local, regional and national partners so they contribute meaningfully to the development, demonstration and dissemination of drug, diagnostic and medical device technologies.
  • Educate and train investigators, research personnel, and community and patient stakeholders in the use of product development-focused translational research methods and processes by providing rich, diverse and innovative team science environments.

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018
Our Goal
Our research will provide people with a better quality of life. This approach is found within technology discovery, developments and through partnerships and collaboration which may include the University of Kansas, IAMI, government entities, hospitals or philanthropic disease organizations.