Shared Leave

K.A.R. 1-9-23

The State of Kansas has in place a donated Shared Leave program to benefit eligible employees who have exhausted all sick and vacation leave, including Classified, Board of Regents Unclassified, and Unclassified Healthcare employees who are in regular positions.

Shared Leave may be granted to an employee if the employee or a family member:

  • is experiencing a life-threatening illness, injury, impairment or physical or mental condition;
  • the condition has caused, or is likely to cause, the employee to take leave without pay or terminate employment; and
  • the illness, injury, impairment or condition keeps the employee from performing regular work duties.

Eligibility to Apply:

An employee is eligible to apply for Shared Leave if:

  • The employee has exhausted all paid leave available for use including sick leave, vacation leave, holiday and compensatory time credits.
  • The employee has applied for and been approved for FMLA (if applicable).
  • The employee has six months of continuous service.
  • The employee has no history of leave abuse.

Steps to receiving Shared Leave time:

  1. You (or a family member or a fellow employee) may pick up a Shared Leave Request Form in the Human Resources Office located at 1044 Delp or download the form (here).
  2. Return the completed form to Human Resources.
  3. Requests are reviewed within one week, if all information is provided and the request form is complete.
  4. A representative from Human Resources will contact you and your department's timekeeper if you have been approved or not approved.
  5. You may be approved for some or all of the requested shared leave hours.
  6. If approved, you may be responsible for soliciting your own donors. There is no pool from which sick and vacation leave time is drawn. Donor forms may also be found in the Human Resource Office or you may download the form yourself at any time.

Donating your leave time:

A Classified, Unclassified Board of Regents* or Unclassified Healthcare employee shall be eligible to donate vacation leave or sick leave to another employee if:

  • The donation of vacation leave does not cause the accumulated vacation leave balance of the donating employee to be less than 80 hours, unless the employee donates vacation leave at the time of separation from state service.
  • The donation of sick leave does not cause the accumulated sick leave balance of the donating employee to be less than 480 hours, unless the employee donates sick leave at the time of separation from state service.

*Unclassified Board of Regents employees may donate only sick leave.


  1. If approved for shared leave, you may be required to submit periodic updates from your healthcare provider to continue the shared leave.
  2. If you or your family member's health condition is no longer serious, or life-threatening and you can perform your normal work duties, you will no longer be eligible for shared leave.
  3. The maximum hours of shared leave availability to the employee is the number of hours the employee would regularly work in a 6 month period.
  4. Once the employee meets the eligibility requirements for disability benefits under Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS), the employee is no longer eligible for shared leave.
  5. Shared leave will be denied to employees with a history of leave abuse.
  6. All shared leave requests go to the KUMC Shared Leave Committee who determines whether or not the criteria for shared leave is met. The Committee's decision is then sent to the state's Appointing Authority, who then grants all or a portion of the requested leave.

Online Forms

Shared Leave Request
Shared Leave Donation

Last modified: Mar 26, 2014