Leave Without Pay including Maternity Leave

Kansas Administrative Regulations, Article 9 (1-9-6)
Leave Without Pay

Unpaid time off, for:

  1. for illness or disability, including pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, abortion and recovery there from;
  2. for the adoption of a child by the employee;
  3. for the initial placement of a foster child in the home of the employee;
  4. in order to care for a family member who has a serious health condition; or
  5. for other good and sufficient reason, when the appointing authority deems such leave to be in the best interest of the service, may be granted with approval of the Appointing Authority.
  6. Employees are requested to submit in writing their request for leave if more than 30 days, but less than 1 year to the Appointing Authority. If the leave is less than 30 days, approval is left to the discretion of the department head or director.

For Faculty Leaves Without Pay, please refer to KUMC Handbook for Faculty and Other Unclassified Staff, Section V, Page 146.

Last modified: Feb 26, 2014