Campus Closure and Inclement Weather Policy (Revised 3/2013)

Ordinarily, the University will remain open for business and will not close because of snow or other inclement weather. Faculty and staff are expected to be at work during their regular times. However, extreme weather conditions may infrequently delay or prevent employees' arrival at work or necessitate their leaving work early. In such cases, the Chancellor or Executive Vice Chancellor may use this policy to make a declaration of inclement weather for limited periods of time.

The inclement weather policy is intended to 1) identify those personnel who are required to report for work during periods of inclement weather and 2) accommodate the needs of all faculty and staff who may need additional time in traveling to and/or from work. A declaration of inclement weather is separate from a decision to suspend or cancel classes.

When the Chancellor or Executive Vice Chancellor determine that weather conditions will make travel to and from work excessively difficult, time consuming, or hazardous, he/she may make a declaration of "inclement weather". If an inclement weather declaration is made, non-exempt employees normally will be allowed a period of one hour in which to report to work after the start of the normal work shift without receiving a reduction in pay for the delay in reporting. Similarly, employee's whose shifts are ending at the time an inclement weather "advisory" is declared, may be permitted to depart up to one hour early without loss of pay.

In extreme circumstances, the EVC may allow employees a longer period of time for arrival or departure. As always, employees who will be late or are unable to get to work are expected to notify their departments as soon as possible.

If the Chancellor/EVC declares an inclement weather condition to exist, non-emergency personnel have the option to report for work as scheduled, to report for work late or to remain home. Personnel electing to remain home or arrive at work more than one hour late, will not be paid regular hours. Such individuals may choose to use accumulated vacation, discretionary holiday (if absent for the entire day), compensatory time, or leave without pay to cover the time missed.

Notification of Faculty and Staff:

If a declaration of "inclement weather" is made, the university will make every effort to inform faculty/staff as soon as possible. Faculty/staff and students may call (913) 588-INFO, KUMC's faculty/staff/student information line for a recorded announcement. A "Critical Information" e-mail will be sent to all employees and students as well. In addition, you may check the KUMC Website for information and updates as weather conditions change. Should a declaration of inclement weather be made during the day, employees will be notified via critical information e-mail and/or website updates.

In the unlikely event of classes being canceled or the campus being closed, this information will be provided to local media outlets. We will only ask media outlets to post information that involve the canceling of classes or closing of campus.

Media outlets that will be used:
Television: Fox 4, KCTV 5, KMBC 9

Campus Closure:

There may be extremely rare circumstances or events that result in campus leadership making a decision to cancel classes and/or close the campus for all activity. Depending upon the specific events or circumstances, there may be some 'emergency' staff that will need to report for work in order to maintain operations pertaining to the security of life and property in and around the campus.

During a period of campus closure, employees that are directed NOT to report for work will be paid for any hours they had been scheduled to work on the day of the closure. Any non-exempt 'emergency' personnel who report for work will receive either premium pay at 1.5 times their regular hourly rate or compensatory time off (at the rate of 1 1/2 hours for each hour worked) during a period of campus closure.

Inclement Weather Procedures:

Maintaining Essential Programs and Services

Vice Chancellors, Deans, Directors and Chairpersons must determine minimum staffing requirements to ensure the maintenance of essential programs and activities. Any non-exempt employees whose services have been identified by their department heads as "emergency" are expected to report to work in accordance with the supervisor's instructions. These persons shall be eligible for premium pay of 1.5 times their regular hourly rate or compensatory time (at the rate of 1 1/2 hours for each hour worked), related to work performed pursuant to a declaration of inclement weather. Some examples of essential services include maintenance of building operations, clearing of walkways, streets and parking lots, student residence hall services, public safety, and animal care.

Payroll Reporting:

Staff reporting for work as scheduled will be paid for all time worked. Persons reporting for work up to one hour late or leaving up to one hour early will not lose pay as a result. Persons who miss more than one hours work as a result of reporting for work late, leaving early or not reporting at all will be expected to use accumulated vacation, compensatory time (if appropriate), discretionary holiday or leave without pay.

Please feel free to contact the Department of Human Resources at 913-588-5080 with any questions regarding the inclement weather policy or procedures.

Last modified: Feb 26, 2014