KUMC Appeals Process


Unclassified Healthcare employees with permanent status may appeal a performance review within seven (7) calendar days of being informed of the rating. Employees may only appeal a Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory performance evaluation rating. The appeal should be in writing and addressed to the Director of Human Resources. The appeal should include the following information:

  1. Current Date
  2. Employee's Name
  3. Employee's ID Number (ex: J0000012345)
  4. Date of Performance Evaluation Review
  5. Performance Evaluation Rating
  6. Employee's Department
  7. Employee's Extension
  8. Reason for Appeal
  9. Please attach a "copy" of the performance evaluation to your appeal.


University Support Staff and Unclassified Healthcare employees with permanent status may meet with the Director of Human Resources (or designee) to discuss a proposal to suspend, demote or dismiss the employee.

If you require further assistance or information regarding appeals, please use the links below or contact the Human Resources Administrative Office at 913-588-5080.

University Support Staff

Unclassified Healthcare

Last modified: Feb 26, 2014