Paid Holidays

Eligible employees are paid for holidays designated by the Governor. All employees except students and temporary employees are eligible for holidays. The amount of holiday pay provided, results in the same pay eligible employees would have been paid had they worked the holiday.

The Medical Center provides a special employee benefit for non-exempt employees who work a designated holiday. They are compensated for the actual hours they work plus being paid for their regularly scheduled hours on the holiday. The compensation for hours worked is either pay or compensatory time at one and one-half hour for each hour worked. The decision to use pay or compensatory time is made by each department.

Holiday hours paid but not worked, such as sick leave and vacation hours, are not counted in determining eligibility for overtime/compensatory time.

This information is a summary of detailed information within the Kansas Administrative Regulations. In the regulations holiday credit means pay for time not worked on a holiday and holiday compensation means pay for time worked on a designated holiday.

Last modified: Sep 04, 2014