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As we move from training to Living the Jayhawk Way, our charge is to make this an ongoing part of LIFE at KUMC.  By committing to Learn, Improve, Focus, and Engage.


  •  Keep using what you have learned in order to "make it stick", and keep learning new things. 
  • Pursue self-directed learning, take classes, learn from your colleagues, learn by teaching, participate in conferences, read, try new things...
  • Just learn!


  • Set and pursue goals for your own personal and professional development, for your department, for our organization. 
  • Keep believing that you, your colleagues, and our organization can and will continue to improve. 
  • Commit to continuous, never-ending improvement. Don't settle for "good enough". 
  • When you reach your goals, set new ones. Keep raising the bar.


  • Focus on solutions (not problems).
  • Focus on possibilities (not limitations).
  • Focus on the future - our shared vision of the future.


  • Be emotionally involved and committed to the organization and its goals, connected to our missions and to your colleagues, and optimistic about our future. 
  • Know that you make a difference. 
  • Work hard on things that matter, be a great colleague, and inspire those around you to do the same.

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Last modified: Feb 24, 2017