Military Leave FAQ

The following are answers to questions employees might have regarding their employment with KUMC if they are called to active military services.

Will I be able to return to my job with the State of Kansas when I am released from active military duty?

Yes. According to federal law, National Guard members and reservists have reemployment rights for as long as they are required to remain on active duty. Upon release from active duty they are entitled to be returned to their former position or a similar position with like status and salary, as long as the following requirements are met.

  • The employee's former position was not temporary or emergency.
  • The employee had appropriate orders to serve full-time in the military.
  • The employee on military leave because of active service applies to return to state service within 90 days after release from active duty or release from hospitalization continuing after discharge for a period of not more than one year.
  • The returning employee is qualified to perform the duties of the former position. If the employee is not qualified to perform the duties of the former position by reason of disability sustained in military service, but is qualified to perform the duties of any other position, the employee shall be offered employment in a position comparable in status and salary to the former position.

Do I need to notify my department when I am called to active duty?

It is important that you notify your department about your call to full-time active duty as soon as you reasonably can. You should also notify Human Resources to ensure that your changed circumstances regarding pay, benefits, and reemployment receive timely attention.

While I am on active military duty, what will be my status as a state employee?

You will be placed on military leave without pay.

How will I be paid while I am on military leave?

You will receive pay from the military service. You will not receive your salary from your state employment while you are on military leave. However, you may request to receive advance payment of any wages, compensatory time, and annual leave credits accrued prior to the effective date of military leave without pay.

What if I change my mind about my annual leave?

Within 30 days after return to work with the State of Kansas, you may restore annual leave credits received in cash at the time of active military service by reimbursing the State of Kansas for the amount paid you in advance for annual leave credits.

Will the time I spend on active duty count toward my length of service with the state?

Yes. Time spent on military leave will be added to your length of service with the state.

How will my retirement benefits be affected?

If you do not withdraw from your retirement plan, upon reemployment you will receive service credit for the time spent on military leave. If you do not return to state service, you do not receive service credit for vestment in the plan or for retirement purposes. Contributions of both the employee and the state are suspended while employees are on military leave.

What about health insurance?

You may continue your health insurance while on leave or you may drop it. If you continue, the first 30 days you will pay the payroll deduction rate. After that, you would be on the Direct Bill program and pay the full premium. If you drop coverage, you may re-enroll upon your return to work and resume coverage either the first of the pay period in which you return or the first of the following pay period. Contact the Benefits Office at 913-588-5087 to inform them of your decision regarding continuation of coverage.

Will my life insurance be maintained?

Your basic life insurance (one and one-half times your annual salary) remains in force while you are on military leave. (Exception: KP& F members do not have the basic insurance.) Optional life insurance may be continued by converting to individual coverage within 31 days of your last day on payroll. Upon return to covered employment, you surrender the converted coverage and are reinstated to the pre-leave coverage. Whether or not you convert, you are immediately entitled, upon timely return to covered employment, to your former level of optional coverage. Premiums are based on your age at the time of the return to employment.

Will I continue to accrue sick and annual leave while on active duty?

No. Sick leave and annual leave are not accrued during military leave without pay. However, ength of service continues to accrue. Upon an employee's return to work, monthly leave credits will begin to accrue again.

If I become eligible for a step increase or other salary increase while on active duty, will I receive it when I return to work?

Upon your return from military leave, you will be granted all salary increases you would have received had you been continuously employed and your state service had not been interrupted by military leave.

If I become eligible for longevity pay during the time I am on active duty, will I receive it?

Time spent on military leave is counted as time worked for service credit for longevity pay. If a service member would have received longevity pay, if employment had not been interrupted by military service, longevity pay will be issued the pay period following the service member's applicable anniversary date. If you do not tell your agency where to send your longevity pay, it will be issued at the first pay period after you return to work.

When I return to work from active duty, will I have to wait four weeks for my first paycheck, like a new employee would?

No. Upon return to work with the State of Kansas, you may request advance payment of your first month's net salary.


Please feel free to contact KUMC Human Resources, 913-588-5080 with any questions. The Wichita School of Medicine Campus contact is Tracy Clarke, (316) 293-1802.

Last modified: Sep 04, 2014