Learning and Development In-Person Classes

Fall 2013 Professional Development Opportunities coming soon...

We are working on finalizing our list of development offerings for Fall 2013.  Once we have posted them, you will be able to pre-register for any of the listed classes. Seating is limited. In the event you need to cancel, please do so as soon as possible so the next seat can be filled. Click Here to learn more (+)

Creating Performance Expectations and Goals - Managing your efforts as you work with your team to improve performance.

Difficult Conversations - Teaches skills for communicating difficult conversations when emotions are running strong.  Learn how to reach the best ideas, create high quality decisions and act on those decisions with commitment and diplomacy.

Teambuilding the Jayhawk Way - Gives managers the tools to create a dynamic team environment.

Working with USS Employees - A foundation in the rules and policies for supervisors and managers who interact with University Support Staff.

Tailoring Classes for Individual Departments

Please call extension 8-5050 to develop and facilitate specific classes on a variety of topics for individual departments or work groups.

Last modified: Oct 31, 2013