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Jayhawk Way Registration & Coaching Sessions

The next wave of KUMC's professional development training program, The Jayhawk Way, begins in late January and is open to all employees.

If you already know that you want to participate, please CLICK HERE, where you can sign up to be in one of the following three groups according to your preference for day of the week and time of day:


Group A Meets

Group B

Group C Meets


January 28
4016 Varnes

January 29
4016 Varnes

February 10
1009 Beller


February 11
1014 Orr-Major

February 12
Wahl Hall West Auditorium

February 24
1007 Beller


February 25
1007 Beller

February 26
4016 Varnes

March 17
1007 Beller


March 18
1007 Beller

March 19
1007 Beller

March 24
1023 Orr-Major


March 25
4016 Varnes

March 26
4016 Varnes

April 7
1014 Orr-Major


April 8
1014 Orr-Major

April 9
1014 Orr-Major

April 14
1015 Orr Major


April 15
1015 Orr Major

April 16
4016 Varnes

May 5
1007 Beller

If you would like to know more about the program, please continue reading.

Why are we offering this program?

KUMC's success depends on having an energized and engaged workforce and a strong and compelling organizational culture. Because we know that effective leadership creates the conditions that make this possible, we're developing leaders at all levels. Each of us has the opportunity to be a leader, regardless of position or title. Faculty in the classroom, clinic or lab; managers and frontline staff across our campus all impact the KUMC experience every day. Each of us leads in different ways and from different positions in the organization. The Jayhawk Way is designed to develop your leadership skills and personal effectiveness, no matter your title, the type of work you do or whether you supervise others.

How is the program delivered?

At KUMC, we're making continuous improvement an integral part of how we work. In that spirit, we've looked at The Jayhawk Way participant experience and feedback, and we've modified the program to make it even better and more impactful. In the past we had two tracks: one for supervisors and one for front-line staff. We will now have one track, which will optimize the experience of getting to know and work with people from across departments and across levels in our organization. This team-based aspect of the program has been one of the most meaningful and transformative aspects of the training. We also have changed the format of the training to include a) rolling start dates, b) shortened class sessions and c) a condensed overall timeframe (for a total of seven 3-hour sessions at two-week intervals). These changes will make it easier to accommodate people's schedules, to make up missed sessions and to implement The Jayhawk Way tools and techniques sooner.

What will you get out of The Jayhawk Way?

The Jayhawk Way will provide you with the opportunity to define what you're passionate about and to use that passion to accomplish great things at KUMC in support of our mission and goals. You will sharpen the skills you already have and will develop new skills. The Jayhawk Way will enhance your ability to set crystal clear goals that are aligned to KUMC's mission and vision, to achieve results and to optimize your professional and personal communication and relationships. Participation in The Jayhawk Way also includes the benefit of personal, one-on-one consultation or coaching, which is a great way to tailor the professional development experience to your needs and interests.

Here's what some past participants have said:

  • "This is a different kind of training. The Jayhawk Way has created a movement."
  • "We have stopped thinking backward. We are moving forward."
  • "This made me realize that the mission statement really does mean something."
  • "I came to this with a healthy dose of skepticism. Now I look forward to the sea of change that this could bring about."
  • "The one-on-one coaching has been amazing. It's clear The Carden Group is deeply invested in our personal success and in how our success contributes to the medical center's success."


View more photos from the Jayhawk Way:

Last modified: Mar 16, 2015
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