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I. Purpose

To provide assistance in the recruitment and relocation of key faculty and staff, The University of Kansas Medical Center has established relationships with Kansas City's most well known real estate and moving companies.

II. Eligibility

Eligibility for relocation assistance is based on the following requirements:

  • Department's discretion on the level of position
  • Availability of Department Resources
  • The change in commuting distance between the origin work location and the destination work location is 60 miles or more based on the shortest common route
  • The relocation and all assistance occur within 12 months from the hire date

III. Responsibilities

A. The Relocation Coordinator is responsible for administering the Relocation Guidelines on behalf of The University of Kansas Medical Center, including the following functions:

  • Explain the Medical Center's Relocation Guidelines to the candidate/employee
  • Assist the candidate/new hire in coordinating contact with a Real Estate Relocation Specialist
  • Assist the employee in coordinating the move, which may include written confirmation to the moving company authorizing payment for the movement of the employee's household goods, when necessary

B. The Department is responsible for working with the Relocation Coordinator to make sure that the Relocation Process runs smoothly by doing the following:

  • Contact the Relocation Coordinator by phone, email, and/or filling out a form online with all necessary information on candidate/employee
  • The Department Contact and Relocation Specialist will update the Relocation Coordinator throughout the process with new information pertaining to the prospective candidate/employee
  • If a Department decides to provide a moving allowance as part of the employee's contract, this Department will inform the Relocation Coordinator of the allotted amount
  • The Department will promptly pay the moving company's invoice as soon as they receive it from the Relocation Coordinator

C. The new employee is responsible for complying with the requirements and restrictions in this Policy:

  • The employee shall be responsible for paying any unallowable costs and/or any costs in excess of the limit set forth in their offer letter
  • If there are any questions throughout the process, the employee must contact the Relocation Coordinator at the number listed under the Contacts section of this document

IV. Home Assistance

The Relocation Coordinator will recommend a Relocation Specialist who will help familiarize the candidate with the Kansas City area by providing the following services:

  • Deliver via US Postal Service a Relocation Packet which includes information on Kansas City's community, school districts, and housing
  • Contact the candidate directly and answer any questions he/she may have regarding the city
  • Take the candidate on a personalized tour of the city, including Kansas City's main attractions, as well as neighborhoods and school districts that fit the candidate's interests

Once recruitment is concluded and an offer is accepted, the Relocation Specialist will then provide:

  • Assistance in selling real estate in another city
  • Assistance in purchasing real estate in Kansas City, serving as a Buyers Agent who acts in the best interests of the new hire
  • Help in finding the most attractive mortgage rates and terms
  • Help in finding transitional housing

If the Department or employee has a specific realtor that they would like to work with, they should advise the Relocation Coordinator in the initial conversation. However, the benefits listed above may only be available when the employee follows our Relocation Guidelines and works with our Relocation Specialists.

V. Movement of Household Goods for New Employee

As a result of our arrangement with the two authorized moving companies, these relocation partners will provide all employees with the following services:

  • Provide an on-site pre-move survey
  • Present a "not-to-exceed" quotation for the move
  • Offer a volume discount for moving services to the Kansas City area

In addition to the services provided to all employees, The University of Kansas Medical Center may pay for certain costs directly related to relocation when a moving allowance is necessary for an individual to accept employment with the Medical Center. If the Department deems it essential to include moving expenses as part of the employment offer, the Department must notify the Relocation Coordinator of the allotted allowance. The process is as follows:

  • If the Medical Center commits to paying a portion of the move, the Relocation Coordinator will work with the new employee to obtain two quotes from the relocation partners.
  • Upon receiving the quotes, the Relocation Coordinator will review them with the new employee and award the contract to the lowest bidder.
  • To initiate payment, the moving company will be instructed to submit an invoice to the Relocation Coordinator once the move has been completed. The Relocation Coordinator will immediately forward the invoice onto the Department for prompt payment.
  • The new employee is responsible for the remaining balance due on the moving contract.

However, if the Department or new employee has a specific moving company that they would like to work with, please advise the Relocation Coordinator as soon as possible. In this case, the new employee accepts that they are not receiving all the benefits of KUMC's Relocations Management Program. Further, the new employee must understand that independent movers may demand payment from the employee at the time services are rendered, and if KUMC elects to reimburse the employee for any/all of these moving costs, the employee may have tax consequences. Finally, should a new employee choose to work with an independent mover, they are responsible for the resolution of any disputes over the quality and cost of the move.

VI. Contact Information

Relocation Coordinator: Rhonda Bailey, 913-588-7544

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