HRIS Database Frequently Asked Questions

Erica Rogers | Payroll | Budget

Q. When I right mouse click on my HRIS or PMF form, I do not have the ability to copy/paste data from another source or between forms. How can I copy/paste data?

A. Your keyboard allows you to copy and paste using Ctrl-c to copy, and Ctrl-v to paste.

Q. If the Position number is a required field, what do I do when I don't have one yet?

A. Run the Vacant Position Report for your department(s) and select a vacant regular or temporary position, based on your needs. If there are no suitable positions, please submit a PMF form through the Sharepoint workflow.

Q. How does a Working Title differ from a Job Code or Job Title?

A. The Working title is designed to more accurately reflect actual job duties as opposed to the state's Job Code and Title. For exempt, a Job Code of 002800 is a Job Title of Senior Coordinator. A Working Title might be "Fiscal Affairs Senior Coordinator" as opposed to "Research Senior Coordinator".

Q. If multiple changes are being made on a HRIS form, how do I choose the right Action/Reason code?

A. Use the drop down menu to pick the closest Action/Reason code to meet your needs. You can also add information to the Department Comments box to reiterate what you want to do.

Q. What is a Limited Term appointment?

A. A Limited Term appointment is a regular Board of Regents contract which specifies a beginning and end date. These appointments require a Limited Term Offer letter: contact the HR Business Partner for your area for details.

Q. How do I know if the salary is biweekly or hourly?

A. The compensation frequency rate is tied to whether a job code is exempt or non-exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Most job codes will be either exempt or non-exempt across the board. Exempt codes are paid biweekly. Non-exempt codes are paid hourly. For those codes that can be either, check with the HR Business Partner for your area to determine the FLSA value since it will depend on the actual job duties.

Q. If I do an FTE change, or a HRIS in which the FTE is less than 100%, what salary do I put in the funding section?

A. The total funding section will always reflect the 100% rate.

Q. My grant will not pay for fringe benefits. How do I show a different funding source for fringe benefits without increasing the total annual compensation?

A. The Ben Diff% section is designed to handle this. Enter the Speed Type you want the fringe benefits to come from, then 100 in the Ben Diff% column. This tells Budget where you want the fringe benefits to come from. It is also helpful to add a note to that effect in the Department Comments box.

Q. When do I fill out the work schedule?

A. A work schedule is required for all HRIS form transactions.

Q. What is an Offsite Location?

A. A location outside of Kansas. This includes residents working at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Kansas City, MO, as well as employees based in other states.

Q. What if a resident only works offsite for one month out of the year?

A. Contact Payroll, ext. 8-5100 for more information.

Q. How do I find a Reports to Position?

A. The supervisor's position number, name and employee ID are located on the Work Location section of Job Data which sits under Administer Workforce. You can also look at Position Data or run the Reports to Position report both of which can be found under the HR Information section of the Navigator.

Q. Is it okay to write the BAF number in the "Central Office Use Only" area?

A. Yes. You can write it in there or you can type it into the Department Comments section.

Q. I am having a problem printing. Who do I call?

A. Contact Erica Rogers in Human Resources at ext. 8-5099.

Q. I've finished my forms, where do they go now?

A. For those departments within a school, both HRIS and PFC forms will go to the Dean's Office for review and signature. After the Dean's signature and for all non-academic departments, HRIS forms dealing with faculty will be routed to Faculty Affairs and then to Human Resources, Budget and Payroll.

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