Reporting Time and Absences

There are two types of employees at the KUMC: salaried (exempt) and hourly (non-exempt). The type of employee you are determines how your time is collected and paid. If you are unsure, please ask your manager, HR, or Payroll within the first 2 weeks of work. 

Salaried (exempt) employees do not report time.  Hourly (non-exempt) employees report time using one of the following: timesheet or web clock. Your manager and Payroll can help you determine which method you are expected to use to report your time into the HR/Pay web-based system (linked to from the Faculty/Staff page on the KUMC web site and available in the Quick Find menu). After your paperwork has been processed, you should receive a welcome message from our Payroll department with more information.

After you report time, all of your time must be approved by your manager before it can be processed and paid. Collaborate with your manager to make sure your time is reported and approved correctly before the end of each pay period. Detail instructions on how to report time are in the Reporting Time manual located on the PeopleSoft Support website under PeopleSoft HR 9.1 manuals.

Absence Management

All employees must request their absences in the HR/Pay system. Common absences are vacation and sick leave. However, there are other types of leave which you can discuss with your manager. 

Absences must be entered and approved before the end of the pay period. The employee is responsible for entering requests using the HR/Pay system. You should check with your manager to learn your specific department's absence request policies and procedures. However, absences are not processed on your paycheck until you enter them into the HR/Pay system. Your manager will review your request and must approve it before the end of the pay period in order for the absence to be paid on your paycheck. Current balances of accrued vacation and sick time can be found in the Hr/Pay system.

Detail instructions on how to enter an absence request are in the Absence Management manual located on the PeopleSoft Support website under PeopleSoft HR 9.1 manuals.  


Last modified: Nov 23, 2015

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