Prior To Your First Day

To expedite getting you enrolled in our payroll system and processing your identification badge, please print, fill out, and bring the following forms to Human Resources in 1044 Delp:

I-9 Citizenship Form
If you work remotely and are not able to present your original signed document, we request you use a notary to complete Section 2 on our behalf. Please take note of page 9, the list of acceptable documents you will need to present in person.

Personnel Data Form
To be added to our payroll system, this must be filled out.

Federal W-4
Required to withhold correct federal income tax from your pay.

Kansas K-4
Due to differences in state and federal withholding policies, this is used by the KS Dept of Revenue. If your work location is in Missouri, you'll need to fill out a Missouri W-4 as well (this is unusual).

Kansas City, MO Residents Earning Tax Authorization
If you live or work within the city limits of Kansas City, MO, you are required to pay an extra earnings tax. Complete this authorization to take this tax out of your pay.

Authorization for Direct Deposit
All state employees are required to use electronic payment to receive payroll and travel expense payments. Bring in a voided check for payroll purposes. Visit the Kansas state Direct Deposit FAQ for more info.

Employee Invention Assignment Agreement
This outlines ownership rights of inventions developed during employment.

Student Certification Form
If you're a student, please complete this form and prepare to provide a copy of your current course schedule.

Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability
Filling out this form allows KUMC to assist in making reasonable accommodations.

Substance Abuse Policy
Signing the Substance Abuse Policy Affirmation Form affirms that you have read and understand the Substance Abuse Policy.


Last modified: Sep 09, 2016

Human Resources Employee Service Center 913-588-5080