Let's start with the important things first: getting paid.

All payroll paperwork must be submitted 5 business days prior to your start date. All forms contained in the New Hire Forms Completion Process must be received to process your payroll. The completed forms may be taken to the Employee Service Center at 1044 Delp or sent through interdepartmental Mail Stop 2033.

State of Kansas paydays occur every other Friday. Paychecks are direct deposited on the second Friday following the end of a pay period. If you look at the Payroll Calendar for the current fiscal year, you will see that there are usually 26 pay periods in every year. There will be two or three months each year in which three paychecks will be issued. Deductions for federal and state income taxes and retirement are taken from every paycheck. Deductions for health insurance are taken from 24 paychecks each year, which will be the first two paychecks of every month. Optional group life insurance deductions are taken from the second paycheck of each month. You may refer to the Payroll Calendar for the current fiscal year and look for the 2-week pay period that includes your start date to find the date of your first pay date.

Your supervisor will tell you if you are eligible for overtime/compensatory time. If you are eligible for overtime and work more than 40 hours in a work week you will be compensated with overtime or compensatory time off at your department's discretion.

Sick Leave
All full-time employees earn 3.7 hours of sick leave per pay period. Once you have accrued sick leave you may use it for a necessary absence due to personal illness or for illness of a family member. Be sure to follow departmental guidelines for calling in when you cannot report to work. Please note, sick leave hours are prorated for part-time employees.

Exempt Employees: Full-time employees accrue up to 22 days (176 hours) a fiscal year; Part-time employees' accrual is pro-rated according to time worked.

Non-Exempt Employees: Accrue one hour for each 10 hours worked, up to 22 days (176 hours) a fiscal year.

Students and Temporaries: Not eligible for vacation.

Accrual: Eligible unclassified professional staff and faculty will accrue vacation leave hours each pay period during the fiscal year until the 176-hour maximum fiscal year accrual amount is reached, subject to the 304-hour maximum balance limit.


Last modified: Oct 13, 2016

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