Methods of Communication in Emergency Situations

The safety of our employees, students, visitors, and patients is of utmost importance to us. The following are methods of emergency communications on and off- campus.


Alertus is an all-hazard alert system comprised of wall-mounted notification beacons to disseminate vital information. The public is signaled with sirens and strobes, and a text display informs what the emergency is and how to respond. Notifications can be addressed to localized areas such as buildings or extend to the entire campus.

The Alertus units function as a way for the KUMC Police Department to communicate with the campus in real time during an emergency. These emergencies include:

  • Severe weather that requires immediate action,
  • Situations that affect public safety, or
  • Environmental dangers to the campus.


RAVE is an "opt-in" emergency notification system using SMS text messages to your mobile device.

After receiving your KUMC network userid/password, you can register your phone number for alerts. From the sign-in page, select Emergency Contact Info.

A complete description of KUMC's Alertus and RAVE systems is available on the Emergency Management website.


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