Temporary Appointments

Temporary appointments, except students, are limited as follows:

  1. Actual hours worked do not exceed 999 in a 12 month period (from the original appointment date), and
  2. Length of a "Temporary" appointment(s) may not exceed 12 months (beginning with the original appointment date).

Departments wishing to continue employing faculty/staff to work more than 999 hours or longer than a 12 month period will be required to use a "Limited Term" or "Regular" appointment. Using a "Limited Term" appointment is preferred where the position is grant funded. In accordance with IRS guidelines, using this appointment will make the faculty/staff member eligible for benefit program participation. Individual departments will be required to fund the additional costs.

Human Resources will notify department administrators approximately 30 days prior to the threshold for "Temporary" appointment expiration. Departments will be expected to manage their "Temporary" faculty/staff appropriately. Extensions of or consecutive "temporary" appointments will not ordinarily be permitted.

See State Contract

Last modified: Feb 26, 2014