The University of Kansas Medical Center Recruitment Policy

As Revised February, 2002 | Glossary


The Human Resources Department is charged with overseeing recruitment for all vacant positions of the Medical Center.


Effective recruitment requires a flexible, time-efficient approach in presenting career opportunities using a variety of options including technology. Hiring cycle time will be reduced to ensure that management may select among excellent candidates. This policy/procedure more clearly articulates KUMC's philosophy and delegation of recruitment/selection activities and support.

Groups Covered:

All full and part-time vacant positions are covered by this policy including University Support Staff, Unclassified and Faculty.


Temporary and Limited Term Positions are exempt from the provisions of this policy. For information on hiring Temporary or Limited Term employees, Hiring Managers should contact their Human Resources Generalist.

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Competitive Recruitment:

KUMC supports an environment of competitive recruitment. Departments needing to fill vacant positions will in most cases conduct a competitive recruitment in order to fill the position.

Non-competitive Promotion:

The University encourages internal promotion and upward mobility for current faculty and staff, and will consider requests for non-competitive promotions. If an individual is identified for promotion to a specific position by a noncompetitive method, a direct appointment may be made by consensus after consultation with the Dean or Vice Chancellor, the hiring department, the Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources and the Director of Equal Opportunity.

Non-competitive placements must be based on compelling, nondiscriminatory business-related principles.

Scope of Recruitment:

The department will consult with HR to determine whether the competitive recruitment will solicit applications from internal candidates, external candidates, or both. The University's commitment to internal promotion and upward mobility shall be a factor in this decision. The extent of the recruitment may be local, regional or national, depending on the nature of the position.

Vacancy Pools:

When availability of a position is expected to be recurrent, a department may establish a vacancy pool to maintain groups of applications on file for positions with multiple incumbents after consultation with HR and the EOO. The vacancy pool, which may be internal or external, has an unlimited recruitment period that enables the department to accept applications at any time.

Direct Appointments:

Although the University benefits from open, competitive recruitment, unusual circumstances or opportunities may present which would serve the overall interest of the Medical Center by appointing an external candidate on a direct or non-competitive basis. Such appointments may be made only after consultation with the appropriate Dean or Vice Chancellor (or designee), the hiring department, and the Directors of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity. All direct appointments shall be preceded by a discussion (and documentation) of all relevant factors, including but not limited to:

  • Affirmative Action Program issues
  • Time and/or budgetary constraints
  • Competing institutional priorities (public relations, employee morale)
  • Unique opportunities afforded by the appointment
  • Status conversion issues (non-tenure to tenure track, temporary to permanent)
  • Legal/regulatory issues
  • Other extenuating circumstances (dual-career accommodation, faculty recruitment packages)


The University of Kansas Medical Center is committed to providing equal opportunity and prohibiting illegal discrimination. Specific components to KUMC's compliance program may be found on EOO's website.


The Human Resources Department will ensure that hiring processes are flexible, timely, comply with appropriate laws and regulations, and are specific to the recruitment needs. Specific needs are determined in consultation with Hiring Managers. Recruitment of applicants will support selection of applicants that enable the University to achieve its missions with excellence and Equal Opportunity guidelines.

Individual Human Resources Business Partners support the School of Medicine, the Schools of Allied Health and Nursing, Graduate Studies and the administrative support departments. The Business Partners serve in advisory capacities to Hiring Managers in developing and tailoring recruitment processes that are designed to meet specific, general and special hiring needs. The level of service may be mutually determined to meet the needs of each hiring manager in support of their mission.

Faculty Recruitment:

Frequently faculty recruitments result from panels or search committees. Human Resources offers recruitment services and support to such panels or search committees. A panel or search committee normally includes the Hiring Manager and customers to be supported by the candidate. In addition, the Hiring Manager may include other faculty or staff as appropriate. The Chair of the search committee or panel may request the Generalist's service as described in the attached Recruitment Service Options or as otherwise mutually determined. If a search committee or manager responsible for recruiting faculty elects not to utilize the services of Human Resources, they assume full responsibility for all recruitment and compliance obligations. Moreover, the committee or manager is charged with documenting the search and forwarding the completed recruitment file to Equal Opportunity.


An applicant is a job seeker who meets all four of the following criteria:

  • Applies using the KUMC online employment system
  • Is considered for employment in an authorized vacancy pool or specific position
  • Meets the established minimum qualification(s)
  • Does not withdraw prior to a job offer being made

Last modified: Feb 26, 2014