Hiring Guide

The purpose of this guide is to assist hiring managers in attracting and selecting excellent applicants who will help the Medical Center in achieving its missions. The following is a summary of the steps involved in hiring new employees. It is derived from the Medical Center's Recruitment and Selection Policy which covers all full time and part time faculty and staff positions except temporary and limited term. All recruitment and selection activities undertaken by the Medical Center must comply with laws and regulations governing Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action. All hiring decisions must be based upon valid, reliable and nondiscriminatory criteria which are consistently applied.

1. Budget

Ensure position is or will be vacant, funding supports hiring and obtain appropriate managerial/executive approval.

2. Position Description/Classification

Review each component of the position description including the summary, duties/accountabilities, required and preferred qualifications, essential/marginal functions and physical/mental and cognitive requirements. Make changes or additions as needed. If position description is updated, send to Human Resources (HR) Business Partner to ensure appropriate classification.

3. Requisition

Complete and submit the online requisition to HR.

4. Develop Recruitment Plan

Coordinate with HR Business Partner to make efforts to attract applicants from multiple sources to broaden applicant pool with special emphasis on underutilized positions.

5. Screen Applications/Resumes

Assess each applicant's job related knowledge, skills and abilities. See sample rating guides for faculty and staff. Consider interviewing applicants who meet some/all preferred qualifications.

Decide which applicants to interview and enter disposition code/rationale of each applicant.

6. Interview Candidates

Prepare job related questions for the interview and document responses.

7. References

Check references with former supervisors. Review personnel files if current or former KUMC employee.

8. Select Finalist and Request Background Check

Inform HR Business Partner of finalist and provide full name, Social Security Number, Gender and Birth Date for background check.

9. Salary Discussion with HR Business Partner

Contact your HR Business Partner for advice regarding salary quote to help ensure internal pay equity.

10. Offer of Employment/Offer Letter

Write and send letter offering and/or confirming acceptance of offer.

11. Paperwork/Forms

Prepare and forward HRIS form to hire to HR Business Partner.

12. Proof of Eligibility to Work in the United States

Federal law requires all new hires to prove their identity and legal right to work in the United States. This is relatively easy for US citizens and permanent residents. Non-citizen professionals may be eligible for employment provided they obtain, often with our assistance, the proper documentation. Also see, Prevailing Wage Request and General Immigration Information.

Send individual hired to Employment to complete New Hire Paperwork, the I-9 Form and obtain photo identification badge before first day of work. New hire must present original documents required to complete I-9 Form.

13. Orientation

Hiring Manager needs to schedule new hire for Meet and Greet and notify new employee of date and location.

14. Applicants Interviewed But Not Selected

Call or write to inform those not selected of the hiring decision.

15. HR Business Partner

If you have questions contact the HR Business Partner.

Last modified: Jan 09, 2017
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