Employee Separation Checklist For Classified and Unclassified

Resignation Form | K.A.R. 1-11-1

VACATION - You will receive your vacation payout on your last check (via direct deposit if you have direct deposit) if your department has initiated your separation promptly. University Support Staff and unclassified employees will be paid for all vacation hours accumulated up to 176 hours upon termination of employment and up to 240 hours if retiring from state service.

SICK LEAVE (Not paid out) - Sick Leave will not be paid out when leaving the institution. Upon reinstatement, each employee who separates from state service, may receive the entire portion of their sick leave if reinstatement occurs within 364 days (one year minus one day) from the effective date of leaving state employment.

SHARED LEAVE donations must be made in full hour increments. Employees donating annual (vacation) leave must have at least 80 hours of annual leave after the donation is made. Employees donating sick leave must have at least 480 hours of sick leave after the donation is made.

Benefits (913-588-5087)

HEALTH INSURANCE/DENTAL coverage will be end at midnight the day you leave. Vision, FSAs, and HSAs will end at the end of the month following your last day.

COBRA - Information regarding continued coverage under COBRA (Continuation of Health Insurance Coverage) will be automatically mailed to your home address by CobraGuard. Rates are available on the COBRA website.

A KPERS (Kansas Public Employees Retirement System) withdrawal form will be sent to your home address after 30 days if you are/were a KPERS participant.

RETIRED EMPLOYEES must now go through Plan With Ease to access their retirement funds.

BOR UNCLASSIFIED - If you are/were a Board of Regents Retirement Plan participant, you may leave the funds in the account, roll them over to another retirement account or IRA, or withdraw them. To withdraw funds, please contact Employee Benefits to obtain required withdrawal forms, sign and return them and contact your investment company representative.

LIFE INSURANCE - You may convert or port your Group Term Life Insurance coverage within 31 calendar days of separation.

Payroll (913-588-5100)

We cannot stress the importance of making absolutely sure that Human Resources has your current address prior to leaving the organization, so that we can send you your W2, Benefits information, etc. You may update your address using the online Employee Name/Address Change form. Separating employees may view their final check advice for up to 30 days after their term date on myKUMC.

Miscellaneous return to supervisor:

  • ID Badges
  • Keys
  • Uniforms
  • Cell Phone/Pager
  • BPC cards
  • Laptop

Workforce Partnership

Workforce Partnership is a program that assists employers who are experiencing staff reductions and work with displaced employees to find new jobs in the KC area. Visit one of their three locations. Services offered at no charge are:

  • Resume preparation
  • Interviewing preparation
  • Recruiting and hiring events
  • Access to job banks
  • Job search tools: internet, copy machines, fax
  • Career exploration
  • Career advising
  • Career assessments
  • Outplacement and career transitions
  • Access to training opportunities
  • Veterans services
  • Mature worker services
  • Labor Market Information
  • Vocation rehabilitation service referrals
  • Second Chance Employment
  • Supportive service referrals
  • Youth services

Unemployment Benefits

If you meet the Department of Labor eligibility requirements for unemployment benefits, file online at https://www.dol.ks.gov/GetKansasBenefits.aspx or by contacting the Kansas Unemployment Call Center. You must apply for unemployment in Kansas.

Last modified: Feb 04, 2016