Direct Appointment Request

Request for Faculty/Unclassified Search Waiver

Circumstances appropriate to support Search Waiver:

  • Part-Time appointment less than 50%
  • No reasonable Recruitment Pool/Failed Search
  • Acting or Interim appointment
  • Appointment to a faculty rank and title without compensation or nominal increase
  • Target for candidate with highly specialized or exclusive experience/skills
  • Domestic Partner Placement
  • Postdoctoral Trainees, residents, research staff placement and support - appointed to faculty/staff position
  • Emergency/immediate need to fill

If your request is approved, please notify the individual your department wants to hire directly that we must complete a criminal background investigation before a job offer is extended and in accordance with federal law the new hire must prove identity and legal eligibility to work in the United States prior to or not later than the first day of employment with the University of Kansas Medical Center.

After receiving approval for the Direct Hire, please provide the individual's resume or CV, full name, and Social Security Number to your Human Resources Generalist. We cannot conduct the background investigation before we receive the signed Applicant Certification Form authorizing us to proceed.

Please have the individual who you want to hire directly sign and provide the Applicant Certification Form to your Human Resource Generalist.

All requests for direct hire will be reviewed by Human Resources and then referred to the Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access (IOA) for final approval prior to hiring.

Last modified: Sep 09, 2016