Creating New or Reallocated Positions

To request a new position or reallocate an existing position, we need the following documented information submitted as a package:

  • a written request setting out the rationale for establishing a new position or reallocating a position signed by the Department Head or Chair;
  • a fully completed draft position description entered by the department in the online employment system;
  • an organizational chart depicting the proposed new position and its reporting relationship;
  • the specific type of funding that will be used to support the position.
  • If the request is to reallocate a position based upon the assignment of additional duties, then the rationale supporting the request must specify where the duties originated and why this position is being chosen for that assignment.
  • If the duties are coming from another position, then we must have a fully updated online position description for the affected position(s) to ensure appropriate classification.
  • Special Note: If the proposed new/reallocated position has the same position description as an approved online position, that statement should be included in the written request as part of the rationale.

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