University of Kansas Medical Center Additional Pay Practice for Regents Unclassified Exempt Staff


Regents unclassified or University Support Staff exempt employees may be eligible for additional pay upon approval of Human Resources. Regents unclassified employees who are non-exempt must be compensated for all hours worked and accordingly are not eligible for additional pay. Employees who hold classified positions are not eligible for additional pay.


The University recognizes that its leaders may request staff to undertake special projects or assignments that are in addition to and substantially different than normally assigned duties. Further, that performance of such duties may warrant additional compensation. These projects or assignments are temporary and have relatively short duration, do not involve a permanent change in duties and do not fall within the scope of responsibilities assigned to the subject title. Additional pay will not normally exceed 10% of the regular salary for the individual performing the additional work.


Department Heads who are considering requests for additional pay should contact the Director of Human Resources or his designee to discuss the matter before communicating with individuals who may be involved in the special assignment/project. As guidance in preparing to discuss the matter, the Director or designee will seek to understand the reason we are engaging in the project, its duration, why the employee was selected, and rationale to support the desired lump sum payment.

Processing Requests

Requests for additional compensation will be accepted only through the online form (provide detail) provided for this specific purpose. The form must be fully completed and submitted for review and disposition by Human Resources.

Last modified: Feb 26, 2014