Alternative Transportation

As an employee, there are simple ways to realize the savings and other benefits of carpooling and riding the bus to work:

  • Your monthly bus pass will cost you almost 25% less than a regular bus fare.
  • Your commuting cost is lowered by at least *$650 a year.
  • Enjoy the convenience of picking up your pass at work.
  • You are also eligible for a guaranteed free taxicab ride home in case of an emergency.

*Based on AAA 2004 average cost per mile of 14.1 for gasoline, automobile maintenance and tires. Current average could be higher as a result of higher gasoline prices.

Please contact Glenn James at 913-588-5080 with any questions. Cash/Check only to 1044 Delp, Mailstop 2033. Checks made payable to HR Something More.

*Passes must be purchased between the 25th of the current month and the 7th of the bus pass month.
Example: For October passes, monthly bus pass must be purchased between September 25th-October 7th.

The Metro

KCATA The Metro TRIP Program

$42 Monthly Bus Pass

Regular and Express Service including MAX Kansas City, MO, Kansas City, KS, Raytown, Gladstone, and Independence

  • #28X - Blue Ridge
  • #28XX - I-435 South Express
  • #37XX - North Broadway
  • #56X - Red Bridge
  • #133X - Vivion/Antioch

$70 Monthly Bus Pass

  • #69X - Liberty Express

Rideshare Program

Rideshare Carpool Program

RideShare is a publicly funded commuter matching service for anyone who lives, works or attends school in the greater Kansas City area or within 75 miles of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Established in 1980, the program service informs people about less expensive and environmentally friendly commuting alternatives.

RideShare helps you search for other people in your area who are interested in carpooling. Create an account using their free online matching service, Carpool Connections, and start saving money on your commute today!

Last modified: Feb 26, 2014