Short-Term Disability

No one can predict if and when a disabling illness or injury will happen. Short-term disability is a type of insurance that will pay a percentage of your salary for a specified amount of time, if you are hurt or ill and cannot perform the duties of your job. KU Medical Center has partnered with Aflac and the KUMC Credit Union to offer a short-term disability benefit for benefits-eligible employees.

Plan snapshot

  • Benefits are paid directly to you unless you choose otherwise
  • Total monthly benefits range from $300 up to $6,000
  • Coverage is portable, which means you can take it with you if you change jobs or retire (with certain stipulations)
  • Premiums are paid through a direct deposit account
  • Benefits are paid in addition to sick pay and vacation leave; it does not replace or reduce accruals

Who can benefit

  • Recently hired employees who haven't yet accrued adequate sick leave and vacation time
  • Employees who have used much of their sick/vacation time already
  • Employees on maternity leave
  • Employees who just want the additional protection

How it works

  • Open enrollment for short-term disability will be May 15–June 15, with an effective date of Aug. 1.
  • If you enrolled in short-term disability last year, you do not need to do anything.
  • There is a 14 calendar day waiting period which begins the first work day you are absent. After the waiting period, coverage will begin, up to a maximum of six months. At six months, if eligible, long-term disability benefits from Kansas would begin.
  • For the initial open enrollment, payroll will set up a direct deposit account for you through MyKUMC. This will be used to pay your short-term disability premiums every pay period.
  • Since employees pay the premiums after-tax, the monthly benefit payments are not taxed.

How to enroll

  • Go to the AFLAC web site set up for KUMC employees:
  • click "HOW TO APPLY" button on enrollment site, next to the desired plan; then
  • click "LOGIN TO APPLY"
  • enter the following:
  • Case ID: A574
  • User ID: use only the numerals from your KUMC employee ID, do not include the zeros
    (For example, employee ID number M0000012345: enter 12345 as the User ID)
  • Password: KUMC2014 (case sensitive)
  • Enter security code ~ site is menu driven, read instructions thoroughly.
  • Click "ENROLL NOW"

Aflac Forms

You may also take advantage of critical illness and accident coverage available through Aflac. Open enrollment is also May 15–June 15, with an effective date of Aug. 1.

Note: While this benefit is designed to complement the excellent employee benefit programs offered by the state of Kansas, this benefit is not a part of the state's benefits package. Human Resources negotiated this benefit to fill in the six month gap it takes long-term disability coverage to take effect. Open enrollment for short-term disability will occur every May. Open enrollment for the state's benefits will occur every October.

Last modified: Feb 27, 2015