Vacation Leave

  • Exempt Employees: Full-time employees accrue up to 22 days (176 hours) a fiscal year; Part-time employees' accrual is pro-rated according to time worked (see chart below).
  • Non-Exempt Employees accrue one hour for each 10 hours worked, up to 22 days (176 hours) a fiscal year.
  • Student and temporary employees are not eligible for vacation.
  • Accrual: Eligible staff and faculty will accrue vacation leave hours each pay period during the fiscal year until the 176-hour maximum fiscal year accrual amount is reached, subject to the 304-hour maximum balance limit.
    • Accruals will be calculated per individual employee, per pay period.
    • Accrual of leave will occur during every pay period of a month unless the 176-hour maximum has already been reached (or unless the individual is at the 304-hour maximum balance limit).
    • If the maximum 176-hour accrual has not been reached, leave may be accrued in the last pay periods of the fiscal year unless the individual is at the 304-hour maximum balance limit.
    • The pay period when the accrual of 176 hours has been reached will vary by individual, e.g. depending on the person's hire date, any leave without pay, and the overall balance limit, etc.
    • Once the maximum 176 hours has been accrued each fiscal year, the individual will not accrue any additional vacation hours until the start of the next fiscal year.
  • Using your vacation: You must get your supervisor's advance approval before using your vacation time. You cannot use vacation in advance of accrual, and you cannot borrow vacation from another employee.
  • Payout: When you leave employment with us, you will be paid any accrued vacation up to 22 days (176 hours). For retirees, the payout is up to 30 days (240 hours).

Exempt Employees

Appointment FTE
Hours Earned
per pay period
FTE: 75-100% 8.0
FTE: 50-74.9% 6.0
FTE: 25-49.9% 4.0
FTE: Less than 25% 2.0


Non-Exempt Employees:

Hours in Pay Status
Per Pay Period
Hours Earned
per Pay Period
0-9 0.0
10-19 1.0
20-29 2.0
30-39 3.0
40-49 4.0
50-59 5.0
60-69 6.0
70-79 7.0
80-** 8.0

*Non-exempt means eligible for overtime

Last modified: Jun 24, 2016