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Wichita Campus Research

All human subjects research on the Wichita campus comes under the auspices of the KUMC Human Research Protection Program (HRPP). Please visit our website at: Human Research Protection Program

Research on the Wichita campus can be reviewed either by the KUMC IRB in Kansas City or by one of the IRBs with whom we have reliance arrangements. We are committed to efficiently assisting faculty in Wichita with their study implementation. The KUMC HRPP has a local IRB liaison on the Wichita campus:

Rachel Marsh
IRB Liaison
Phone: 316-293-2610

Which IRB should I apply to?

Research involving participants in KUSM-W clinics, University of Kansas Health System clinics or community populations in Wichita or Kansas City. (The clinics include KU Wichita Internal Medicine, KU Wichita Internal Medicine Midtown, KU Wichita Functional Medicine, KU Wichita Gastroenterology, and KU Wichita Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, all clinics associated with the Kansas City)

Apply to the KUMC IRB

Research involving patients or patient records from Ascension Via Christi Hospitals (AVC) and clinics 

Email the Common Form Application, the Scientific Merit Review Form and all study-related materials to: 

  • Rachel Marsh and
  • Annette Latta at

Research involving patients or patient records from Wesley Medical Center and clinics

  1. Email the Wesley Reliance Studies Form, the Scientific Merit Review Form and all study-related materials to Rachel Marsh to obtain clearance to use a Wesley IRB.
  2. After KUSM-W clearance is obtained, follow the application process to the appropriate Wesley IRB as instructed.

Research involving faculty, students or resources from Wichita State University (WSU). If the resources involve personnel or resources from WSU and do not involve patient populations:

  1. Apply to the KUMC IRB using the KUMC IRB application forms
  2. Complete the Common Form Application and email it to The Wichita State IRB representative will confirm permission to rely on KUMC.

Use of a commercial IRB (Western IRB or Advarra IRB) or an IRB from another academic institution.

Important Links for the Wichita Campus

  • Contact Information page for the whole team in IRB on the KUMC-KC page:
  • Wichita Office of Research:
Last modified: Oct 27, 2020