External IRBs and IRB Reciprocity

The KUMC Human Research Protection Program is accountable to the federal government for all human subjects research conducted by our faculty, staff or students, regardless of whether it is on our campus or in collaboration with another institution.  We are committed to working with investigators to negotiate a single IRB review whenever feasible. 

Faculty who are collaborating on research outside KUMC must obtain approval for their activities before starting work on the project. In times past, IRB approval from each involved institution was required. KUMC is prepared to comply with the upcoming NIH policy that requires single IRB for most multi-center studies.  Investigators are encouraged to contact the IRB Office early in the process of establishing their collaborations.

To better serve investigators seeking IRB reliance, we have set up a dedicated email address: 


These are circumstances for which IRB reliance must be arranged -

  • When the KUMC IRB is being asked to serve as the Reviewing IRB for a multi-center study
  • When KUMC personnel plan to participate in research covered by another IRB
  • When KUMC investigators plan to conduct research at non-KUMC locations and personnel from the non-KUMC location will be part of the study team, or
  • When non-KUMC personnel come to KUMC to participate in our research 

The KUMC Institutional Profile provides information to reviewing IRBs and relying investigators about our local context and institutional requirements at KUMC.

Permission to use an External IRB must be granted by the investigator's home institution.  The document Steps to Request the Use of an External IRB provides an overview of the request process.   

Additionally, here is a screenshot guide to help assist with submitting in the eIRB system: 

Our Current IRB Reliance Arrangements


KUMC investigators are encouraged to use the SMART IRB reliance arrangement for investigator-initiated studies that involve other academic institutions. SMART IRB is an NIH-funded initiative that streamlines IRB reliance through a nationally-adopted reliance agreement, SOPs and tools that support single IRB review.  

IRB Reliance Forms

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Last modified: May 22, 2018
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