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Reliance Forms and Templates

Reliance Forms, Templates, And Guidance

Documents For Oversight By External IRBs

Form Name Notes Date Modified
Request to use an External IRB - Generic 04/2019
Request for Single IRB Review Regional CTSA Partners 01/2015
Submission Instructions for eIRB 08/2019
Updating a Study Relying on an External IRB 11/2019
Instructions for Western IRB 10/2019
Instructions for Advarra IRB 10/2019
Instructions for Non-Commercial External IRBs 06/2019

Documents for Research with KUMC as the Reviewing IRB

Form Name Notes Date Modified

Grant Proposal Stage

Consultation Meeting Agenda 01/2020
Lead IRB Timeline Summary 01/2020
Cost Considerations 01/2020

Funding Confirmed Stage

Pre-submission Meeting Agenda 01/2020
IRB Reliance Overview Chart 01/2020
Lead Investigator Supplemental Application Form 11/2019

Intial Review Stage

Please review the IRB main submission page for initial review requirements

Onboarding Relying Sites Stage

Onboarding Meeting Agenda 01/2020
IRB Reliance Steps for Relying Sites 01/2020
Institutional Profile for Relying Sites 01/2020
Study-Specific Local Context Questionnaire 01/2020
Submission Checklist to Add Relying Sites 01/2020

All Sites Enrolling Stage

Guidance on Reportable Events for Lead Study Teams 01/2020
KUMC IRB Guidance for Relying Study Teams 01/2020
Continuing Review Supplement For Relying Sites 01/2020

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Last modified: Mar 06, 2020