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HIPAA Resources

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) governs how Protected Health Information (PHI) is used for research and the conditions that must be met for covered entities to release PHI for research purposes.

here is a list of the current list of PHI:

  1. Names
  2. Ages over 89 years 
  3. Street address, city, county, precinct or zip code 
  4. Initials 
  5. Identifying # or code # 
  6. Health plan # or other account # 
  7. Phone 
  8. Other unique descriptor 
  9. Vehicle identifier, serial #, license plate, etc. 
  10. Fax #
  11. Facial photos/images 
  12. Biometric identifiers (finger/voice/retina) 
  13. E-mail 
  14. Social Security Number 
  15. Device identifiers or serial numbers 
  16. URL 
  17. Certificate/License #s 
  18. Date of birth, date of death, admit/discharge date 
  19. IP address
  20. Medical Record #s 
  21. Other date related to the person (except year only)

Research Presentations

Instructions for Researchers

HIPAA Forms for Research

Last modified: Oct 18, 2019