On-Line Discussion Group

An on-line disussion group is being started by Storm King, a graduate student in psychology at St. John's University. The host machine is listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu

 To subscribe send a message to listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu and include the following text in the body of your message:

 SUBSCRIBE HUNT-DIS yourfirstname your lastname

 To join the On-Line Discussion group click here listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu.

To get a copy of the instructions for the list server, send a message to:


with the following in the body of your message:

 get listserv refcard

"The difference between mailing lists and newsgroups is the difference bewteen inviting a group of friends over for wine on a Sunday evening and putting a billboard that says Free Booze Here in your front yard. - Lazlo Nibble
Wired 4.02, February 1996, page 96.

An alternative to a barrage of many Email messages is the digest option. After signing up for the list server, send the message set hunt-dis mail in the body of your message. You should get one daily mailing, if the group is active,that contains all of the messages posted that day and an index showing the topics for that day.

You can change back by sending the message set hunt-dis mail in the body of your message.

The oldest site on the web for discussion about Huntington's disease is the Webforum at the MGH.

There is also a Huntington's Disease support club available at:

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