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Hartley Family Center staff follow federal, state, and local guidelines (i.e. that services are family focused and family directed). The HFC views the infant/toddler as an active learner and the parents as the primary teachers of their child. Families make many decisions releated to their child. The HFC assists families in this process by providing information in a vairety of forms so that families may make informed decisions. Decisions are often made in the areas of audition, speech and language, motor, self-help, cognition, and social/emotional development. We believe the family is the ultimate decision maker with respect to themselves and their child.

The HFC provides early childhood intervention using developmentally appropriate practices. These practices incorporate IFSP outcomes and are provided within daily routines and play activities. Intervention techniques are based on a child-centered model and developmental needs. The HFC staff encourages family members to be as actively involved as they desire.


The Hartley Family Center is on the KU Medical Center campus of the University of Kansas and is an AA/EO/Title IX Institution. Please report technical errors, broken links and website corrections to the webmaster.