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Course Options by Semester and Delivery Format

NOTE: This schedule is subject to change. 

Key for Course Format:     I=Internet    C=Classroom at KUMC    P=Practicum Site

Course Schedule

 * The practicum (IPHI 856) requires a total of 3 credit hours (200 clock hours) which can be taken over 1-3 semesters.  If taken over multiple semesters, the semesters must be consecutive.  A minimum of 1 practicum hour must take place during the student's last semester. 

**The classroom versions of the project management courses are available at the KU Edwards campus or at the satellite site in Leavenworth, KS. 

Example 2-Year Plan of Study

Example 2 year plan of study

Example 3.3-Year Plan of Study

Example 3.3 year plan of study

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Last modified: May 05, 2020