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Admission Criteria and Process

Admission Requirements

The deadline for applications for the fall 2019 semester is April 1Apply online.

The following materials are needed to complete the application.  Note:  The GRE is not required.

  1. Online Application to the Graduate School
  2. A bachelor's degree with an overall grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale
  3. Official transcripts from all post-secondary colleges or universities that you have attended.  Each college or university should send these transcripts in a sealed envelope directly to the KU Center for Health Informatics, 3901 Rainbow Blvd, MS 4043, Kansas City, KS 66160 or if your institution offers electronic delivery, have transcripts sent to
  4. Three letters of reference on the forms provided in the application packet. Preferably, the references will be from employers, instructors, or other persons who can assess the applicant's academic and professional potential. Submit these references with your online application. 
  5. Resume.  Submit your resume with your online application.  
  6. Personal statement. This is a brief essay outlining the applicant's reasons for wanting to pursue graduate education in health informatics, career objectives, and any other information that would help the admissions committee get to know the applicant. Submit this statement in your online application.
  7. An informational interview with a Center for Health Informatics representative.  A representative will contact you to arrange this interview.
  8. $60.00 application fee (non-refundable). Please include your payment as directed in the online application process.
  9. Satisfactory criminal background check:  After being accepted into the program, all incoming students are required to complete a background check. A one-time fee must be paid directly to the company performing the background investigation.  Instructions will be emailed to students when they are accepted to the program.
  10. A graduate-level statistics course (may be completed prior to admission or during the first semester of enrollment)

All applicants are considered on an individual basis. If the admission requirements are not met, opportunities may be provided for admission with a condition that must be removed before attaining regular graduate status. 

Applications are considered 2 times per year. If you do not complete your application for the semester you indicated on your application, your file will become inactive. It will be your responsibility to notify us if you wish to apply for a subsequent semester.

International Students

The KUMC Health Informatics Program is primarily online.  As a result, we cannot accept international students who will be in the U.S. on student visas such as an F-1 visa.  (U.S. student visas require that the vast majority of courses be taken in person and not online.)  If you plan to be in the U.S. on another type of visa such as a work visa, please contact for additional application requirements.  

Admission Considerations

The Center for Health Informatics endeavors to fulfill its responsibilities to the changing needs of society by selecting applicants who, in the judgment of the admissions committee, demonstrate the academic achievement, maturity, integrity, and motivation necessary for successful advancement. In addition, the committee looks for applicants who will contribute academic, nonacademic, and socioeconomic diversity to the class. The committee is interested in evidence of capacity for mature and independent scholarship. One of the essential functions of a university is to help all individuals realize their potential. In an effort to foster this activity, the Center for Health Informatics subscribes to the KU Statement on Diversity and Inclusion.

Tuition and Fees

For a complete list of tuition and fees, please refer to the KUMC information starting on page 13 of the KU Comprehensive Fee Schedule

Costs for the program vary and are subject to change.  Completion of the MS in Health Informatics program, based on spring 2018 fees, will require approximately $24,500 for Kansas residents and $29,500 for non-residents. This estimate does not include the cost of books, supplies, insurance, or living expenses.  During semesters in which all of a student's courses are online, only limited campus fees apply (i.e. student health, student records, library, and counseling/education support).  This amounts to approximately half of the normal campus fee amount for spring and fall semesters.  No campus fees apply during a summer semester if all courses are taken online.

For more information about Kansas residency requirements, please refer to this page.

Computer Competency and Standards

Students entering all programs of study at the University of Kansas Medical Center are expected to have basic skills in using a computer. Please refer to the recommendations for purchasing computers. During your studies in health informatics you will be participating in simulations in Second Life ( so be sure you have a microphone/headset and a video card that is capable of carrying the graphics in Second Life. You will be expected to have access to Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Visio in order to complete assignments.

Last modified: Sep 11, 2018