Electronic Prescribing

Electronic prescribing, or e-Prescribing, is when your doctor enters information about drugs you may need into a computer program. This electronic prescription is sent over a secure network to the pharmacy that you choose. The pharmacy receives the prescription and can begin filling it right away.

Benefits of e-Prescribing

  • E-Prescribing is free.
  • Drugs may be cheaper. When your doctor is entering an e-Prescription, the computer program may suggest alternative medications that may help you, but cost less.
  • Your doctor can see a list of all of the medications that you take. The computer program can warn him or her about possible drug allergies or bad drug interactions.
  • E-Prescribing complies with laws about who can see your medical information. You decide who has permission to know what medications you take.
  • Medical mistakes sometimes happen when a pharmacist cannot read the handwriting on a prescription. Using a computer will make a prescription easier to read and reduce mistakes.
  • An e-Prescription is sent to the pharmacy by way of a computer. This means there will be fewer phone calls or faxes to the pharmacy. 
  • An e-Prescription goes directly to the pharmacy so that you do not need to drop it off and wait while it is filled.
  • Your doctor can enter your insurance information into the e-Prescription system. This will make it easier for the doctor to prescribe a drug that is covered by your insurance.
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Last modified: Jul 31, 2013
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