What is E-Health?

E-Health is short for electronic health. The term E-Health refers to the use of computers and networks like the Internet to store and manage your medical records, instead of paper files. With E-Health, important information about your health is available when and where it’s needed. E-Health is also sometimes called health information technology.

If you’ve ever changed your doctor, seen a medical specialist, visited a clinic, or checked into a hospital, chances are that you have a separate medical record in each of these places. These records include information about illnesses or injuries you’ve had, medicines you’re taking, and the results of any medical tests you’ve had. Today, your medical records are likely stored in paper files, which are very difficult to look at all together as your complete medical history.

How e-Health can help you:

  • You get better and safer care when your doctors have a more complete picture of your health.
  • You can skip unnecessary duplicate tests which are wasteful and often risky.
  • Information that could save your life is available for those who treat you in an emergency.
  • You don’t have to answer the same questions about your health every time you visit a doctor, a clinic, or check into a hospital.
  • Your information is safe and secure in a system that can only be used by the people who are caring for you, and only with your consent.
  • You can better access and manage your own health records and those of your family.

What is E-Health? (PDF) -- Approved by ONC

Last modified: Jul 31, 2013
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