General Benefits of Health IT

There are many benefits of using health information technology some of which include: 

You get higher quality care
A network of electronic health records will let your doctor access your health history quickly, no matter where you get treated. This could be very important, especially if there is an emergency. Electronic health records also reduce paperwork. They will all be kept together, even if you go to a different doctor's office, hospital, or clinic. 

They improve your safety

Having your health history available through an electronic health record will reduce mistakes made by your doctor. This will also ensure you don't have the same medical tests twice.

You will save money on healthcare

Electronic health records will make it easier for staff at the doctor's office to keep track of your health history and billing information. The doctor's office will save money by doing less paperwork. As a result, you will be charged less for your visit.

They improve the health of Kansans

You will be actively involved in your health care when you keep a personal health record. You will have direct access to your record where you can see test results, refill a prescription, or check your medical history.

It's easier to talk to your doctor

When you have an electronic health record, you can talk to your doctor without making an appointment. Your record will be on a secure network that will allow you to e-mail your doctor any questions or concerns you may have. These e-mails will be private, just between you and your doctor.

Your health information is easily available

Through an electronic health record, your doctor will have access to your health history during a regular visit or during an emergency. Also, public health organizations can have access to your health information if there is a medical crisis. For example, if there is a flu outbreak, they can see right away if you have been 


Last modified: Jul 31, 2013
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