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To organize investigators with thematic interests in mitochondria and bioenergetics and through this effort create a supportive and interdisciplinary environment that encourages a team-science approach and facilitates energy metabolism-related research.


The Heartland Center for Mitochondrial Medicine (HCMM) will be a national/ international leader known for cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research programs that advance basic science, translational, and clinical research that focuses on mitochondrial dysfunction, disorders, and medicine. We will develop and sustain cross-disciplinary research programs that help us better understand the fundamental role of energy metabolism in biological systems and in disease.

  • We will develop and sustain interdisciplinary innovative translational research programs that identify energy metabolism-related therapeutic targets, as well as novel therapeutic approaches that emphasize manipulations of mitochondria and energy metabolism pathways.
  • We will develop and test next generation mitochondria and bioenergetics-based treatments that improve the lives of persons with defective or deficient energy metabolism.
Last modified: Jul 26, 2018

Heather Wilkins

Ian Weidling