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Technology - 2020 Virtual Symposium

Virtual Symposium Technology

An overview of the platforms and programs being used to create and host this year's symposium, including detailed information on how to register for CourseSites by Blackboard (where Flash Talks and Regional Lab Showcase videos can be viewed), as well as instructions on how to create and upload your Flash Talk and Regional Lab Showcase videos.

Trainees attending the Greenwald Symposium are encouraged to record and submit a Flash Talk. A Flash Talk is a "mini-talk", with a concise, clear explanation of a research project. The Flash Talks are replacing the Posters/Poster Session in this year's Virtual environment. A Flash Talk consists of a brief 3-5 minute project overview and can include slides as visual aids. There are no limits to the number of slides as long as the video is 5 minutes or less. Awards will be given to the most outstanding Flash Talks.

New in 2020, the Regional Lab Showcase Video idea was suggested by members of our Regional Trainee Sub-Committee as a way to learn more about the reproductive and perinatal research labs in the Midwest region who participate in the Greenwald Symposium. Each lab is encouraged to submit a single video and submit the Regional Lab Showcase Data (online form on our website). There are no guidelines so have fun and be creative! The Regional Lab Showcase Data you submit via our online form will be shared on our website and thus will be public. However, the Regional Lab Showcase videos will only be available to those who register for our Greenwald Symposium.

Flash Talk and Regional Lab Showcase videos are prerecorded and submitted via Dropbox (large file transfer). Instructions for preparing and submitting the videos are included on our Technology webpage.

Here are the basics: Trainees send the video via Dropbox (Dropbox registration is NOT required in order to upload your file). Once the file is submitted, our event staff will then upload the video file into Panopto. We will then place the associated full abstract and a video link (links to Panopto) into CourseSites by Blackboard. The videos are accessible for viewing in CourseSites to those who register for our virtual symposium. Those who register for the Greenwald Virtual Symposium will receive an email from Greenwald Event Staff with instructions to register for CourseSites to gain access to our Greenwald "course". Once you register and enroll in the course "Greenwald" access will be granted to two folders within the course: Flash Talks and Regional Lab Showcases. Each Flash Talk and Showcase has its own page within the folder. On the Flash Talk pages, we have included the name of the trainee, a link to the video, the full abstract and a discussion board for leaving comments and questions for the trainee. On the Regional Lab Showcase page, we have included a link to the video, the lab showcase data, and a discussion board for leaving comments and questions.

The Flash Talks will be available for viewing from October 5 - October 12, 2020 at 8:00 a.m.

Last modified: Sep 25, 2020