Keynote Speaker


David Haig, PhD
George Putnam Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Harvard University
"Early Zygotic Genome Activation, Genomic Imprinting, and Retroviruses. Why are Mammals Different?"

Alex Bortvin, MD, PhD
Staff Member, Dept. of Embryology,
  Carnegie Institution for Science
Adjunct Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Biology,
John Hopkins University
"Sex-Specific Strategies and Outcomes of Retrotransposon Control in Germ Cells of Mice

Donald F. Conrad, PhD
Assistant Professor
Departments of Genetics and
Pathology & Immunology
Washington University
 School of Medicine
"The GEMINI Project: Identifying the Genetic Determinants of Human Sperm Production"

Sarah Kimmins, BSc, MSc, PhD
Associate Professor,
Reproductive Biology
Associate Director, 
McGill Centre for the Study of Reproduction (CSR)
Canada Research Chair Tier II, Epigenetics, Reproduction and Development
Department of Animal Science
McGill University
"The Role of the Sperm Epigenome in Offspring Health and Development"

Deborah M. Sloboda, PhD
Canada Research Chair in Perinatal Programming and Associate Professor in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences
McMaster University
"Early Life Nutritional Impacts on Reproductive Development and Function: Developmental Programming the Ovary"

 Jon D. Hennebold, PhD
Professor and Chief
Division of Reproductive & Developmental Sciences  Oregon National Primate Research Center
Adjunct Faculty
Depts. of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Physiology & Pharmacology
Oregon Health & Science University
"Defining the Intrafollicular Events Necessary for Primate Ovulation and Luteal Development"

Kathleen M. Caron, PhD
Professor and Chair
Dept. of Cell Biology and Physiology
UNC School of Medicine
"Dosage Signals During Development: How Mother and Baby Communicate Before Birth"

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