Keynote Lecture

"Impact of Pregnancy Complications on Maternal and Offspring Cardiovascular Health"

Presented by:
Sandra T. Davidge, PhD

Executive Director, Women and Children's Health Research Institute
Canada Research Chair in Maternal and Perinatal Cardiovascular Health
Professor, Depts. of Ob/Gyn and Physiology, University of Alberta

Plenary Lectures

Title TBA

"Eating for Two: Effects of Maternal and Paternal Diet on the Offspring"

"Epigenetics in Spermatogenesis from Stem Cells to Sperm"

Presented by:
Paul S. Cooke, PhD
Professor and Chair
Dept. of Physiological Sciences
University of Florida

Presented by:
Rebecca A. Simmons, MD
Hallam Hurt Professor in Neonatology
Dept. of Pediatrics
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Presented by:
Satoshi H. Namekawa, PhD
Associate Professor
Dept. of Pediatrics
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

"The Impact of a Retroviral/Zinc Finger Gene 'Arms Race' on Mammalian Evolution"

"The Gut Microbiota: A Central Player in Endometriosis"

"Cooperation between Irx3 and Irx5 Promote Primordial Follicle Maturation and Survival"

Presented by:
Todd S. Macfarlan, PhD
Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
National Institutes for Health (NIH)

Presented by:
Ramakrishna Kommagani, PhD
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Presented by:
Joan S. Jorgensen, DVM, PhD
Associate Professor
Dept. of Comparative Biosciences
University of Wisconsin

Last modified: May 16, 2018