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2020 Speakers

Speaker Title / Abstract Institution Laboratory / PI
Vinay Shukla, PhD NOTUM-dependent Modulation of WNT Signaling in Extravillous Trophoblast Cell Lineage Development University of Kansas Medical Center Michael Soares
Pauline Xu, BS Characterization of the effects of immune checkpoint inhibitor pembrolizumab on infant mouse ovarian follicles University of Nebraska Medical Center So-Youn Kim
Joseph Bean Sex and Steroid Specific Effects on Neural Stem Cell Biology University of Missouri-Kansas City Paula Monaghan-Nichols
Vijay Singh, PhD Polyploidy in the developing placenta: Link between senescence and oncogene activation Stowers Institute for Medical Research Jennifer Gerton
Katie Bidne, MS Maternal Western Diet Consumption Alters Placental Lipid Composition and Apolipoprotein Gene Expression University of Nebraska-Lincoln Jennifer Wood
Wendena Parkes, BS Characterization of Hyaluronan and Collagen Matrices in Bovine Ovaries University of Kansas Medical Center Michele Pritchard
Courtney Sutton, PhD Anti-Mullerian hormone concentrations during pre-pubertal development period may contribute to altered puberty and predict reproductive performance in heifers University of Nebraska-Lincoln Andrea Cupp
Jessica Milano-Foster, MS Methodology for mitochondrial respiration experiments in trophoblasts derived from pluripotent stem cells University of Missouri-Columbia Laura Schulz
Maranda Thompson, BS Comparing Intrauterine Transfer Rates of Carotenoids In Maternal-Infant Pairs Between Gestational Age Groups University of Nebraska Medical Center Ann Anderson Berry
V. Praveen Chakravarthi, PhD ERβ regulation of Indian Hedgehog signaling within the first wave of ovarian follicles University of Kansas Medical Center M.A. Karim Rumi
Destiny Johns, BS Conceptus Interferon Gamma is Essential for Pregnancy Maintenance in the Pig University of Missouri-Columbia Rodney Geisert
Keisuke Kozai, PhD AKT1 is an intrinsic regulator of the uterine-placental interface University of Kansas Medical Center Michael Soares
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