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The 14th Annual Gilbert S. Greenwald Symposium on Reproduction and Regenerative Medicine

October 19-20, 2017

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The Institute for Reproductive Health and Regenerative Medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Cen­ter hosts the annual Gilbert S. Greenwald Symposium on Reproduction and Regenerative Medicine in honor and as a memorial to the life and research career of Gilbert S. Greenwald, Ph.D. Professor Greenwald had an illustrious career as a Distinguished Pro­fessor at the Medical Center and as an internationally recognized reproductive biologist.

Congratulations to our Trainee Travel Awardees!

Shanti Ganesan, PhD - Iowa State University

Lucas Hemmer, BS - University of Kansas-Lawrence

Jonathon Russel, BS - University of Kansas-Lawrence

Gregory Burns, MS - University of Missouri-Columbia

Jenna DeCata, BS - University of Missouri-Columbia

Rowan Karvas, BS - University of Missouri-Columbia

Andrew Kelleher, BS - University of Missouri-Columbia

Yahan Li, BS - University of Missouri-Columbia   

Ashley Meyer, BS - University of Missouri-Columbia

João Gabriel Moraes, MS, DVM - University of Missouri-Columbia

Eleanore O'Neil, BS - University of Missouri-Columbia

Sofia Ortega, PhD - University of Missouri-Columbia

Caroline Pfeiffer, BS - University of Missouri-Columbia

Megan Sheridan, BS - University of Missouri-Columbia   

Omonseigho Talton, BS - University of Missouri-Columbia

Peng Wang, MS - University of Missouri-Columbia            

Mohamed Abedal-Majed, MS - University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Amy Desaulniers, MS - University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Andrea McCain, BS - University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Philma Gloria Muthuraj, MS - University of Nebraska-Lincoln       

Sarah Nafziger, BS - University of Nebraska-Lincoln          

Kelsey Timme, BS - University of Nebraska-Lincoln

María Angélica  Bravo Núñez, BS - Stowers Institute

Nicole Nuckolls, BS - Stowers Institute

Arin Oestreich, PhD - Washington University in St. Louis

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Program Booklet - 14th Annual Greenwald Symposium


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