Our Expertise


Advancing health care through technology

Our broad range of expertise in developing and deploying innovative technology includes many efforts on the leading edge of health-care applications:

  • Recognized leadership in telemedicine and telehealth services and research. Our Center for Telemedicine and Telehealth has accessed more than 100 sites throughout the state, where providers have conducted thousands of clinical consultations and hosted hundreds of educational events for health professionals, educators, students and the public.
  • Researchers are involved in breakthrough initiatives for Intenet-based patient education and interactive professional support for chronic disease management and care within the home. One example is the development of a clinical trial website that tested "virtual nurse caring" to determine what aspects of nursing could be safely conducted through the Internet.
  • Leadership in the use of web-based interactive training simulations and virtual reality learning environments within medical, nursing and allied health education. In conjunction with an outside partner, KUMC faculty developed an electronic health record application that teaches students how to analyze data from virtual patient case studies, simulations and clinical experiences.
  • Entrepreneurial support through the Institute for Advancing Medical Innovation (IAMI). IAMI's mission is to translate innovative research discoveries into therapeutics and medical products.
  • A strong history of community partnerships and engagement. Our programs have leveraged technology to assist in supporting our outreach to improve health, academic, social and language outcomes. The Healthy Hawks program and Project Eagle are just two of the many key local or regional programs that demonstrate how KUMC is focused on improving community health.
  • Membership in Internet2. Our participation provides access to a nationwide advanced high-speed network linked with other institutions for research and higher education. Additionally, KU's Information and Telecommunications Technology Center (ITTC) is a consultative resource in our efforts, offering additional expertise in computer science, networking and bioinformatics.


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