Illumina Services

Illumina Services

The capabilities of the Illumina HiSeq 2500 featured by the Genome Sequencing Facility (GSF) allow for dual High Output (8 lane flow cell) sequencing runs and dual Rapid Read (2 lane flow cell) sequencing runs. Both services are supported by Paired End (PE) or Single Read (SR) sequencing using the Illumina TruSeq SBS-HS or TruSeq Rapid SBS-HS chemistry. The High Output runs can be performed with 50 or 100 cycle indexed or non-indexed reads.  The Rapid Read runs are available as 50, 100 or 150 cycle indexed or non-indexed reads. Flow cell clustering is performed using the Illumina cBot cluster generation station.  The following information is a comparison of expected output and data quality for both the High Output and Rapid Read runs.

Rapid (2 lane) High Output (8 lane)
Cluster Density 750 - 900 k/mm2 750-850 k/mm2
Clusters / Lane (PF) 130 - 150M 187 - 210M
Flow Cell Output (2x50bp) 25 - 30Gb 150Gb
Flow Cell Output (2x100bp) 50 - 60Gb 300Gb
Flow Cell Output (2x150bp) 75-90Gb not supported
Bases >Q30 (2x50bp) 85% 85%
Bases >Q30 (2x100bp) 80% 80%
Bases >Q30 (2x150bp) 75% not supported


The Rapid Read runs are completed in a significantly reduced time frame than the High Output runs. The following provides a comparison of run times.

Run Format Rapid Read High Output
50bp ~ 10 hours ~ 2.5 days
2x50bp ~ 17 hours ~ 5 days
2x100bp ~ 28 hours  ~ 10 days
2x150bp ~ 45 hours not supported


Library Preparation
Sequencing library construction is also available through the GSF using the Illumina TruSeq Sample preparation kits. The following library services are offered:

TruSeq mRNA - Generate mRNA libraries directly from total RNA.

TruSeq Small RNA - Generate small RNA libraries directly from total RNA.

TruSeq DNA - Generate Libraries from Genomic DNA.

TruSeq ChIP-Seq  - Selectively sequence DNA sequences bound by target proteins.

TruSeq Exome - Ideal for scalable exome sequencing studies.


Last modified: Feb 19, 2013