Illumina Services

Illumina Services

The Illumina HiSeq 2500 sequencing services provided by the Genome Sequencing Facility (GSF) allows for both the standard High Output 8 lane flow cell run and the 2 lane flow cell Rapid Run. Both services are supported by Paired-End (PE) or Single Read (SR) sequencing using the Illumina TruSeq SBS - HS and TruSeq Rapid SBS - HS chemistry. The High Output runs are available indexed or non-indexed as 50 or 100 cycle PE or SR. The Rapid Run is available indexed or non-indexed as 50, 100 or 150 cycle PE or SR. Flow cell clustering is performed using the cBOT cluster generation station. The following information is a comparison of expected output and data quality for both High Output and Rapid Read runs.


Rapid (2 lane)

High Output (8 lane)

Cluster Density

750-900 k/mm2

750-850 k/mm2

Clusters/Lane (PF)



Flow Cell Output (2x50bp)

25 - 30Gb


Flow Cell Output (2x100bp)



Flow Cell Output (2x150bp)


not supported

Bases >Q30 (2x50bp)



Bases >Q30 (2x100bp)



Bases >Q30 (2x150bp)


Not supported

Run times between the Rapid Read and High Output are significantly different. The following provides a comparison of run times.

Run Format

Rapid Read

High Output


~ 8 hours

~ 2 days

2 x 50

~ 16 hours

~ 5 days

2 x 100

~ 27 hours

~ 10 days

2 x 150

~ 40 hours

not supported

Library Preparation

  • Sequencing library construction is also available through the GSF using the Illumina TruSeq Sample preparation kits. The following library services are offered:
  • TruSeq mRNA - Generate mRNA libraries directly from total RNA.
  • TruSeq Stranded mRNA - Generate mRNA libraries directly from total RNA that provide strand origin for sequenced mRNA transcripts. 
  • TruSeq DNA - Generate Libraries from Genomic DNA.
  • TruSeq ChIP-Seq DNA - Selectively sequence DNA sequences bound by     target proteins.
  • TruSeq Small RNA - Generate small RNA libraries directly from total RNA.
  • TruSeq Exome - Ideal for scalable exome sequencing studies.

For other library constructs please inquire.


Last modified: Sep 30, 2015