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Services Overview

The Genome Sequencing Facility at the University of Kansas Medical Center offers the following services:


NovaSeq 6000 - Sequence by Synthesis chemistry performed with dual flow cell capability on three flow cell formats: S1 (0.5Tb output) ; S2 (1.0 Tb output) ; S4 (3 Tb output).

Sequence library preparation

Library validation and quantification

10X Genomics

10X Chromium Controller

Single cell 3' expression profiling 

Linked-Read Genome

Sanger Sequencing

DNA sequencing services - outsourcing to GENEWIZ

Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Nucleic acid synthesis services - outsourcing to Integrated DNA technologies (IDT) with free shipping for centralized delivery pick-up at the Genomics Core - 1015 Hemenway.

Last modified: Mar 29, 2019