The Genome Sequencing Facility features the Illumina HiSeq2500 Sequencing System composed of the HiSeq2500 sequencer, cBOT Clustering Station and the IlluminaCompute (iCompute) Server. The HiSeq2500 is a dual flow cell sequencing system which can operate in either a High Output or Rapid Read mode. In the High Output mode the 2500 has16 lane capacity capable of generating sequence output up to 600 Gb for a 2x100bp run. In the Rapid Read mode the 2500 has 4 lane capacity capable of generating sequence output up to 90 Gb for a 2x150bp run. In the Rapid Read mode run times are significantly reduced. By comparison, a dual flow cell 2x100bp Rapid Read run is completed in ~30 hours versus ~10 days for a dual flow cell 2x100bp High Output run.  

Fully automated clonal clustering of the flow cell is performed using the cBOT Cluster Station which allows the amplification of > 96 samples in ~ 5 hours. Sequence data generated by the HiSeq2500 is processed by Real Time Analysis (RTA) software and deposited on the iCompute Server. The iCompute server combines Illumina analysis software with high-performance Dell blade servers and 36Tb Isilon clustered modular storage.

Additional equipment in support of the sequencing library preparation includes the Covaris S2 Utrasonicator, Sage Science Pippin Prep preparative gel electrophoresis system and dual Agilent 2100 Bioalanyzer systems. The Covaris S2 Ultrasonicator allows for computer controlled fragmentation of nucleic acids using Adaptive Focused Acoustic (AFA) technology. The Pippin Prep allows for automated electrophoretic size selection of fragmented DNA for sequencing library construction. The 2100 Bioanalyzer provides a rapid assessment of the fragment sizing using a chip based capillary electrophoresis system.

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Last modified: Mar 13, 2013