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Search engines

HTML and Web Development

Dictionaries and terms

  • Glossary of Internet Terms, 1999, MEnzer, Internet Literacy Consultants(tm)
  • Computer dictionary, searchable, free on-line dictionary of computing.
  • Glossary of computer terms, Genetic Education Center handout
  • Networking and Computer Dictionary, Case Western Reserve University
  • Basic Computing Techniques and Glossary, Economics and Social Science Univ. of the West of England
  • Glossary, CNET
  • Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Communications Terms, O'Reilly
  • Information on Internet Tools
  • Jargon File, from The New Hacker's Dictionary
  • Human Languages Page- dictionaries, translation programs, cultural resources for Spanish, German, French, Russian, Vietnamese, sign language, other
  • yourDictionary, multilingual dictionaries, specialized English dictionaries, thesauri, vocabulary aids, language identifiers and guessers, grammars
  • E-mail and Listserv

  • Find e-mail addresses
  • Yahoo People Search, find an individual's e-mail address or web page URL
  • L-Soft International, CataList, the official catalog of LISTSERV lists
  • KUMC Web-based email
  • KUMC Virtual Training Center Computer Resources
  • E-Mail Abuse, Internet Chain Letters, Hoaxes, and Spam
  •  Internet Resources

  • Beginners Guide to the Internet, PBS
  • Firefox - download
  • Internet Explorer - Microsoft, download
  • Web-Based Courses, KUMC, register for in-class courses
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act , December 1998 (pdf file) new
  • Intellectual Property Online: Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Archive, including Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  • 10 Big Myths about copyright explained: An attempt to answer common myths about copyright seen on the net and cover issues related to copyright and USENET/Internet publication, BTempleton
  • Viruses, Internet Hoaxes, and Spoofs


    Graphics, forms, images, frames

    Computer instruction, programs, companies

  • Gateway computers
  • Dell
  • computers

    Other Resources

    Keyboard for single-handed typists - Dvorak keyboard, PC and Mac computers

  • Configure Win95 [Control Panel, then Keyboard, then Languages, then Properties]
  • Mac software free
  • Dvorak keyboard (vs. QWERTY)
  • Voice Recognition Software Programs - allow computer to recognize & transcribe spoken words

    Translation Programs

    Quality of Genetic Internet Information

    Clinical Genetics Computer Resources

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